Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Oh wow, it's June! So excuse me, where is my plan to write a blog post at least once a week to improve my English skill writing? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. 404 ERROR.

But anyway, here I am. 23.26 here. Tomorrow is Bebe's swimming lesson, and I want to tag along, so I chose to sleep late for work tonight. I rarely do this, I hate to be sleepy the next day, but hey, I checked off some of my to-do lists, edited a reel, and now writing a blog post. 

It's only been 6 days of June, but I feel like I'm achieving many things.

Bebe is 8

Today is Bebe's 8 birthday. He's 8 years old, year 2 of primary school, and today marked the first day of school transition to be a full-day school again. He was so happy that now he had lunch at school and could play at recess time. He does not come home to another online class anymore as he did for the past month.

And suddenly, he's a big boy who doesn't want a character cake for his birthday (well, I was relieved because no one really likes cake in this house). Instead, he opted for a sushi cake, and we got him a sushi platter from our usual sushi place. So he had a feast, 15 salmon sushi in one gulp, right after having his lunch at school, and another 10 salmon sushi after his piano and drum lessons.

We tried to consistently exercise.

By we, I mean JG and I because Bebe is the only one who exercises since he has soccer, basketball, and swimming lessons.

It's the 4th week, and I still push and squeeze my time to do at least 1-hour cardio every day. I needed the sweat because even though my BMI is ideal, I know my sedentary lifestyle was problematic, and I felt too weak. So this week, I'm learning about fat loss (bye, fat belly!), building muscles, and strength training. Still, besides the cardio, I haven't got enough motivation to do it regularly.

Also, I haven't got the guts to have my own personal trainer because I am still questioning my commitment. I know I self-sabotage myself too much, so I want to do it slowly. My 1-hour cardio a day for the past 3 weeks is a considerable achievement. I always pat my back every time I am reminded that 3 weeks is the longest time I exercise regularly without any rest day. HAHA.

As for JG, he got an ankle injury last week while playing soccer. So he can't do running on the treadmill as he always does. But I saw him try to at least lift the dumbells every day. So we DO try to move our bodies and be more healthy!

PS: We buy a BMI scale, and being a data freak, JG and I committed to only weighing once a week. So far, we have made good progress!

Start a coaching class.

I always want to learn something to help people grow. I want to become something that is ~therapist-like~.

Once I read about a financial therapist certification, I really like it, but it's not available in Indonesia. The option is minimal because therapy is not something everyone can do, especially when you don't have a psychology degree. But again, a psychology major is too much for my case now.

I have known coaching certification for some time, but previously for me, a "coach" has a blah image (I don't know why!). So then I read about coaching, watched some YouTube videos, checked some institutions that have coaching credentials, and decided to try it anyway.

The class started last Friday; I registered on Thursday night. It was a last-minute decision because I knew I had to shove myself right now or never get enrolled forever.

Turns out the class is so fun! I can say now it's the class I have wanted for a long time. It's about learning empathy, helping people grow, deep listening, and mindful conversation.

Can't wait to learn it all and finish the class!

Buying a burial ground.

Yes, we bought a burial ground for ourselves. 

We contemplated for 3 months whether we go to Europe for the summer holiday or buy a future home. We chose the latter.

We plan to pay in cash and have already transferred the booking fee. 

It feels weird but relieving at the same time. We try to stand on the ground and say things like, "oh, this one is better so we can sit under the tree," while ACTUALLY we will be deep under the ground. What a dark conversation.

So yeah. We tick another financial checklist this month.

Is the pandemic over?

The question we ask each other these days. It feels so unnatural because we live a different life pre-pandemic and now. But I think this one is worth another blog post.

That's it, I guess. Stay healthy!




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  1. teh icha, update lagi dong tulisan di blog nya.. makasih sebelumnya..


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